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Things that plumbers do that have nothing to do with plumbing

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    I am all about safety when it comes to guns. I own three gun safes where I keep my guns broke down. I rarely carry an over and under closed and I never carry a round in the chamber of a long gun. I don’t believe in leaving a weapon out for home defense because accidents happen.

    When my boys are arguing about calibers it is all in fun. All three of my boys were in Air Force ROTC. In ROTC they worked all of the NRA .45 matches to make money for their group. They are all Marksman and have been around guns their entire life. My rule was if you were 12-years old and had taken your hunter safety course you could buy a .410 single shot break open for bird hunting. None of my boys were allowed to own a handgun until they grew up and moved out.


    When my younger brother and his wife got divorced my brother took up bowling. Now he bowls in two league per week and is the President of one of the leagues. I have bowled in the past but figured it was like golf in that I enjoyed it but it was one more sport I didn’t have enough time to do.

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      Utah, Dog,

      Yes it is a bigger past time here than on the coasts I guess, but life is lived a bit slower here in the middle, League night was dedicated soley to that purpose for me, a great distraction and great way to relax. The secret was finding a League where everyone took the games seriously but realized that fun and relaxation were the reasons for being there. None of us were pro caliper.
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