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    Hello i was wondering if its possible to cut metal, with the Ridgit 10 In. Compound Miter Saw, if so, what is the best choice of disks to do the job, Or of not, what other tool can i use for this... Help is much aprecciated! Thanks

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    What kind of metal are you planning on cutting? Generally speaking, you could cut light weight aluminum but the saw was designed and meant to cut wood not metal. I don't know if it would or wouldn't be considered abuse to cut metal but you might run into a warranty/LSA issue if you ever need the saw serviced.
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      I had an old Ryobi 10" CMS that I got a long time ago and don't use much anymore as I have a better one now. I did cut some "steel" studs when I built my outdoor BBQ with it using a standard metal cutting disc. It worked ok for me, but I would not do it on a saw I cared about and would use regularly for cutting wood. I only did it because I don't care much about this old saw. Two other things I will point are:

      1. My Ryobi had a plastic ZCI and it melted a bit in a few places from the heat and sparks.
      2. Some saw dust that was left on the saw somewhat "fused" to the base. Between that and some metal shards that got trapped here and there make it pretty difficult to adjust the base when I want to adjust the angle(s).

      But like I said I did not care much about the saw and thefore am not dissappointed in how it functioned or the outcome. But I would not recommned it on a saw you want to keep for a long time or damage.

      Just my $.02 worth....

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        i use an angle grinder to cut metal - the ridgid brand one. I'm usually using it to cut metal pipes in place for repair work. They're cheap and easy to use. What are you cutting? if you need to cut some angle iron or lengths of pipe, the metal cutting chop saw is the best. You can also easily make 45 degree cuts and other angles. Ridgid makes the best chop saw in my opinion - I've used two dewalts, a milwaukee, and the ridgid. The ridgid was the best and safest unit i've used.