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K-3800 cable advice needed

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  • K-3800 cable advice needed

    I purchased a k-3800 new with 1/2 X 90 cable C-46.
    I'm impressed with the machine. It appears it could handle bigger jobs than I expected.
    One of the reasons I purchased this machine was to
    solve the 2" laundry line ( or sink ) that runs 50-60 feet. In a test I realize that the 1/2 cable is too stiff to negotiate a 2" trap. I believe that
    purchasing 3/8" C-32 will solve this.
    Also I need advice on the Ridgid part number for an
    additional drum for the 3800. I would like to just swap out drums as needed. Is #55002 correct?
    It says its a A-380 which is confusing me
    Any advice would be appreciated. Sometimes the hardest blockage is one that occurs in a 1 1/2 or 2" line that runs a long distance > 50'
    Thanks in advance.

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    You are correct, 55002 is the correct part number for the K-3800 drum assembly. A-380 is the model number of that item.