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Grease trap in retaurants

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  • Grease trap in retaurants

    I have a customer with a grease problem. I believe his grease trap is missing parts, The bafling seams inadequate to prevent grease from leaving with effluent. I will probably talk him into replacing the trap with a new inexpensive unit I saw online at I'm wondering why his pre-rinse sink is not on the greasetrap. When I change the grease trap, I could easily swing it onto the grease trap. The pre-rinse sink must be a significent source of grease.

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    Several reasons : The grease trap is under sized and/or the mechanical grease trap is missing the flow restrictor. Grease traps are sized by: number of meals per hour x waste flow rate x retention time x storage factor = interceptor size. Also, if the mechanical grease trap is missing the flow restictor ( a tee like fitting before the inlet side ) the water may be traveling too quickly through the trap and not allowing it to trap the grease. As for the pre-rinse, it would be a good idea to have this go through the trap, however keep in mind the sizing factors. I just did a restaurant that had a 200 person occupancy, two floor drains and one floor sink which served a dishwasher and three comp sink on the grease line and the city made me put in a 1800 gallon grease interceptor. Don't ask me why. Good luck.


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      It seems that all over the country, cities are getting pissed at grease in their mains and sewage plants. Is there a trend to require that the entire restaurant, minus the bathrooms, be on a large in floor greade trap? My customer doesn't seem to want to solve his problem, just get someone to get his landlord off his back. If a grease trap picks up every sink and floordrain, then no matter what the staff does, the grease is recovered. After seeing this mess, I settled on a compromise where he cleans the grease trap weekly, and I clean it monthly, and hand clean the owner's septic monthly to prevent carryover into the drainfield. He tells me that when it rained heavily he had a backup, making me think that the leachfield is already damaged from poor grease control. The leachfield is completely covered in asphalt.