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Shower stall/drain pan

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  • Shower stall/drain pan

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    Perplexed here. Re-doing lower bathroom, ripped out to studs. Everything by-by.Started new.
    Looking for fiberglass unit - they come in a zillion sizes/shapes but they don't have one that's close drain hole wise to what I have. The old one was "elevated" on 2x treateds, my guess is that was why. I can get w/i an inch of center on S/O pan but time is 2 weeks plus.
    So - anyone here elevated one to address similar issue? I realize I can reframe walls to use one in stock at BORG but area is small and hate to give up 6" as toilet is close to stall.

    If I was to elevate on platform, and use a bend and elbow in piping, what issues can happen? Cleanout would require smaller cutter if/when needed to work angle but anything else you can think of?

    Stuck until I get this done and the tile is looking at me with a frown

    Posted this above too - hope someone has ideas
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