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1.6 gal. toilet

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  • 1.6 gal. toilet

    I have a tiolet that I installed about 2 yrs ago. ^ months ago or so I had to start to use a plunger every so often. I can live with that. It now has gotten to the point that I plunge every other flush. Even if its only water waste. What do I need to fix this problem??
    Thanks in advance,

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    I hate water saving toilets. They are extremely problematic. IMO I don't think they were ever engineered correctly.
    Several years ago when I worked for Roto-Rooter we would get many calls from people with such toilets. Great for business, bad for the consumer.
    At times we would modify the fill valve so that it would fill the tank more, or we would change it out for a new one for the same purpose.
    In your case it sounds like the trap is partly plugged. If you have access to a closet auger you can try augering it (these are available at HD or Lowe's for around 20$, the General Pipe augers are a tad more expensive). These are the best way to clear a toilet trap.
    I personally would recommend swapping out that toilet for a standard one.
    Hope this helps.


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      Thought I'd add.....
      If using a toilet auger does'nt help, then check to make sure the fill valve is operating properly. If it seems to be, then try modifying or replacing it so that it fills the tank. These vary in such toilets, and vary in the ways they can be modified...some have a plastic clip that can be removed for this purpose, some need to just be entirely replaced. If replacing I'd recommend one of the Fluid-Master valves if your tank will accept one, they are more trouble free than the ball and lever valves and are totally adjustable for tank fill level.
      If this STILL does'nt cure the problem, you may need to yank the toilet and take a look at the drain, possibly have it snaked. Do the rest of your toilets/sinks drain OK? If they do then it's doubtful you have a main line problem and it's quite likely that snaking the toilet line only will cure it. But I am betting that augering the toilet trap and modifying the fill valve will take care of it. Good luck.

      [ 04-04-2004, 12:39 PM: Message edited by: David M. ]


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        I'll check and see if a fluidmaster would fit my tank. But my kitchen and bathroom sinks are tied togather before it drops in the basement and we also have a problem with those drains. When we drain the dish pan into the sink, the bathroom sink will fill. I'll plunge it and it works fine.
        I thought that these problems where unrelated. I think that because the shower drain is connected to the sink drains in the basement and there is no problem with the shower.
        Thanks David. I atleast have a starting spot to look.
        Rob Wegner


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          Hi again Rob.
          Before you go changing out the fill valve in the toilet, be sure it's the culprit. I'd hate to hear you wasting money on things that you don't need. I just thought I'd throw that out there for something to consider, especially since many water saving toilets I've seen use special fill valves that usually don't fill the tank enough out of the factory to give you a decent flush, and heavy use of such toilets usually almost always ends upcausing problems.
          You may want to look at the diameter of the waste line the sinks are tied in to and see if it can be bumped up to a larger size. Or even re-plumbing the kitchen sink and bath sink so that they dump into the main separately. Not sure why one would be backing up into the other when you dump a dish pan, other than the line they are tied into is too small for the load? I trust the vent is clear and plumbed right? Perhaps you could try snaking the clean-out in the basement and see if that helps any.
          Wish I could be of further help. Good luck.


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            OK, I'll try snaking first.Upon further review the tank seems to fill just fine though doesn't drain much during the flush. Only a short half of a tank of water per flush.


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              rob,sunds like you have an older home with possiblly less than proper plumbing. Some 1.6 toilets work well and some don't and never will. Some 1.6 can be improved by "cheating". If yours is only 2 years old it should be better than the older ones. What brand is it? I would not necessarilly advocate increasing drain line size. Sometimes larger pipes allow for slower flows and leave the solids behind. Evaluate all senarios before you spend alot of time and money trying to get a quick fix. Is your water quality good? Deposits in the internals and flushing rim can reduce the performance also. Not as likely in a 2 yr. old toilet, but I am not familiar with Wisconsin water either.


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                Deposits in the rim is a good idea. We used to take wires and stick them in the little holes there and try to clear deposits in these. Sometimes it helped, sometimes it did'nt. Frankly, I'm not a fan of 1.6 GPF toilets, old or new, especially in heavy usage.