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  • Perfect Size

    What's the most common size pipe wrench used in HVAC/Plumbing service? I've found that over the last ten years, a 18" wrench has served me well in about 85% of the jobs I've done. (We have wrenches up to 48")
    Let me know if this is an question you've ever pondered.
    D. McLean

  • #2
    I carry a 12", 2-16" and an 18" wrench at all times with my two 16's getting the most use and the 18 or a 24" when we want to get really serious.


    • #3
      a rigid hd14 is my pick here, light enough to carry in your tool box and heavy enough to get the job done!(sometimes with a little persuation, lol)


      • #4
        I use the 18in and if I have problem I put a 2ft pipe on it. This has worked on some real old pipe and never failed me.


        • #5
          I think residential plumbers would use a 14" while commercial guys use 18" wrenches alot. It all depends on the job but with a cheater you can always make the wrench more powerful.


          • #6
            14" aluminum is my choice.


            • #7
              There is a right wrench for every job. I carry a 14, 18 and 24 aluminum, a strap wrench and a little 8" steel pipe wrench. Never use a snip (a piece of pipe over the handle to increase leverage) Better to get a bigger wrench or a couple more hands. You can ruin the wrench, especially aluminum pipe wrenches or worse yet hurt yourself.