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Backfall or Belly issue - want some professional opinions

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  • Backfall or Belly issue - want some professional opinions

    I recently had a plumber tell me that a sewer backup we had in our building is being caused by a backfall or a belly in our sewer line directly under our house. He gave us an estimate of $5,000-10,000 to repair this. He wants to break up the floor from our bathroom through the hallway and through one of our bedrooms (this is a slab house with no basement). I basically would like to ask some experts a couple of questions.
    1. Is replacing the pipe the only way to repair a belly?
    2. Is it necessary to tear up the whole of the foundation to replace or repair a belly?
    I appreciate any and all answers. I want to fix this right but this is so much money and it will hurt my husband and I so much, I just want to be sure about making the decision to have this done.

    Thank You in advance

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    If the plumber used a sewer camera to find the problem he should have been able to show to you with certainty what and where your problem is. If he did not have a sewer camera he could only be guessing at what is wrong.If you do have a belly in your drain line it is non-self repairing. The only way it can be repaired is to open the slab and properly grade the pipe. The amount of slab and foundation which must be removed to accomplish this depends on how deep and where the belly is.If this is a stoppage you get once a year and it does not bother you it will be less of a problem than if it is a regular thing. Only you can determine what your aggravation level is. Eventually the slab will have to be opened and the pipe will need to be repaired if it has a belly.Mark
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      marym, there are a lot of good points that utah/ mark brought up,

      i would be very carefull on any repairs at this point.

      how long have you lived in this house?
      how many times has this back up happened? how often?
      how well do you know this plumber and how many times has he worked for you?
      if this is the first time you have used this plumber or company, i would take all of their findings with a big ?
      like mark stated, did they run a camera into the line? do you have the video tape? how old is the house? what material is the piping?

      truthfully, i would not do anything at this point until you have a track record with this plumber and a history of problems with this issue.

      answer some or all of my questions and then we can steer you in the right direction.

      phoebe it is


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        I'm interested in what type of pipe this is: ABS, PVC, Cast Iron, or other?
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