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Toilet not flushing right

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  • Toilet not flushing right

    Hi, I have a flushometer toilet that has been slow for over a year. I checked toilet, and felt like it was not getting the water flow needed to flush. so I replaced the drop in kit with a 4.5 gal flow rate. still did not work right. I thought that the screw driver stop may not be opening all the way, so I replace the entire sloan valve. that did not help. searching in behind wall and found a old gate valve, could not replace it but was able to remove gate guts, Came out in two pieces. tryed toilet again still not flushing right. there are other toilet in other parts of building same type and they have stong flush. Any thoughts what may be the problem. Looking to see if I can find any other valves somewhere partly closed. My next thought was to install tee with pressue gage to see what pressure drop may be when water flowes through this pipe location. Could it be toilet problem? When you flush it just dose not let a very strong ammount of water come in very fast and shuts off to early to flush out waste. You have to flush two times or more to flush out paper. Thought I had it peged when I found the gate valve come out in two pieces. thanks freddy

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    freddy, is water line copper from the main to the sloan valve?

    i would try to extend the valve and tailpiece over the bowl and flush the valve without it hooked up to the spud connection. or into a 5 gallon bucket. be ready with a screwdriver if case it doesn't shut off

    a pressure gauge is a very good idea if the first suggestion doesn't work. i think you need 25psi to the valve

    you might have a limed up bowl that is not blasting the water through it's main jet properly.


    ps. the dog is soon to be sniffing around here. carefull in what you ask, he might bite
    phoebe it is