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I need a new Torch set up

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  • I need a new Torch set up

    I've been using a propane Turbo Torch for years. I have no plan to change from propane. Time has taken it's toll and I need to replace my Turbo Torch. The local places no longer stock Turbo Torch. My plumbing supply place now stocks Gentech. The Gentechs appear very similar to the Turbo Torches. Anyone know if the nozzles are interchangable. The gentech has a plastic nob for the regulator. Do the new Turbo Torches still have an all metal regulator?

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    While I have never used one, I saw one at a recent PHCC show and like a number of the features of the Lenox Pro-Hose . Unfortunately they do not have a propane model, which is my preferred fuel too. Here's the catalog sheet in PDF format. Their propane torch is basically a copy of the Turbo-Torch, which is what I use now.
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      Here's where I bought mine:


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        Turbo-Torch used to be the best when I started in 1803. But anymore, they are a piece of junk. They will not shut-off, they clog over anything, and they die with no replacement parts.

        With the new fluxes I prefer air- acetylene torches on anything two inches or above. To tell you the truth, I prefer air-acetylene torches on small pipe, but am known to use my "Turbo-Torch" for 1/2" & 3/4". It is, however, the last Turbo-torch I will ever buy.
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          i second that dog i always carry 3 torches in the truck. for small stuff, the turbo trch is fine, large stuff or alot of copper i use the b tank. and a back up torch when the turbo torch is having a bad torch day

          whoops, what am i saying, i also carry 2 propress tools when i want to cheat the soldering job

          i too have had to tear apart the turbo torch on a few occasions to clean an orifice or regulator.

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            I'm guesing you are also talking about the Mapp Gas Turbo Torch setup. I generally stick with either a B-tank or MC-tank and a Turbo Torch. I have so many of them left I can't ever imagine buying another one.

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