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    Hi fellas, I ran into a water heater problem today that may just be the tip of an "iceberg".

    I went to investigate a 2 year old natural gas water heater that would not hold a flame in the combustion area...all the very, very tiny air holes were clogged. I tried blowing the holes clean, tried vaccuming, spraying cleaning solutions, and banging, all to no avail.

    This problem seems to be a very serious design flaw, as the hundreds of little air holes are only pin size and there is no way to reach them to clean them out. Note that this water heater is in a kitchen right next to the stove, so it seems that oil and dust and humidity have combined to seal up those air holes.

    I have lots of ideas of how to retrofit this little bugger, and would do so if it were at my own house, but that's not something I'm going to be doing in this situation.

    Anyone run into this situation yet. Seems like it could be a very big problem as the years go by.

    I know that there are some brands out there that allow the "screen" to be accessed and such luck on this model.

    I remember when the C3's came out, I had a bunch of callbacks on a particular brand that had problems with the pilot going this...why couldn't the powers that be just let things be. The old style water heaters were just fine as they were, IMO.

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    not sure what brand of heater you have

    i did look up the data on the state and ao smith brand.

    it does discuss the cleaning procedure for these flame arrestor/ air intake.

    oil and lint is always going to be an issue with the "fvir" style heaters. proper loction of the heater is very important. next to a dryer is not good as the lint will plug the screen. so will oil or grease from a kitchen oven.

    look at the manufactors specs and you'll get a good overview on placement and servicing.

    phoebe it is


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      Hi Rick,

      Sorry, its a Rheem water heater.

      This whole house should be torn down, its well over 100 years old and is totally in disrepair...I like the owner but he is as close as it gets to being a slum-lord.

      Have you ever had to "clean" one of these new tech water heaters, yet?