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Hot Water Heater Location (HELP!!)

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  • Hot Water Heater Location (HELP!!)


    I have a 2600 ft.single level home. Bedrooms/2 full baths on one end and laundry room/ bath and kitchen on the other.

    Current electric water heater is 80 gal in the attic located above 3 bedrooms/bathrooms.

    I have installed a 50 gal electric in the garage, for the kitchen/bath and laundry room side, which I connected to existing
    1/2" hot and cold water lines which terminated to outside water siggots.

    I did this so I could have very hot water on the side of the house where the laundry rooom, guest bathroom and kithcen are located.

    The 80 gal in the attic is located above the two bathrooms/3 bedrooms on the other side of the house.

    The new 50 gal in the garage does not do well (it is operating properly). I feel I have "tied" into the hot water line (1/2") improperly.
    This connection is at the termination of the hot/cold line in the garage which terminate as outside water siggots.

    My goal is to have each sides of the house on two separate hot water heaters in order to get "quicker" hot water and more of it.

    Have infants in the house and want the main bath to be no more than 110 degrees.
    By the way, we are on well water. House is on a cement slab and built in 1985.

    ??How do I separate the two hot water systems to be independent totalyy of each othe and where can I connect thse 50 gal, now in the garage so I get hotter water to that side of the house (kitchen/laundry)??

    Sorry to be so "wordy", but I guess more info is better than not.

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    not sure if you have a lack of volume with only the 1/2'' line feeding the 50 gallon heater, or if it's a lack of water temperature.

    assuming that you have 110 degree water coming into the new heater, then you need to adjust the 50 to a higher temperature. if the setting is too close, the thermostats (2, upper and lower) will not sense the water temperature and will not kick in.

    once again, is it a volume issue or temperature issue?

    if you want to seperate the 2 heaters, simply feed the 50 from a cold source and connect the hot out to the kitchen, laundry and guest. disconnect the 80 hot from these fixtures too.

    now if you want to save some money on power bills, connect the heaters to a timer and shut it off in the wee hours. this will keep the heater from reheating in the middle of the night.

    hope i've answered your question

    phoebe it is


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      It does have 1/2 "cold"coming into it and 1/2" Hot" going out.

      Both of these lines wer going "out to the outsid sigots.

      Also how do I disconnect/separate the other water heater from this water heater. I thought all piping was in the slab?



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        I think Rick might have been a little optimistic when he used the word "simply".
        To seperate the two systems you would have to locate a point in your hot water piping somewhere between the two sections of the house you which to seperate, cut the pipe, and cap each end. If your piping is run under the slab, this would mean cutting and breaking the floor at the determined location.

        This will not work if the hot system was manifolded (ie. a seperate hot water pipe was run under ground to each fixture).

        You may be lucky, however, and find that you water system is run overhead. In this case you should be able to follow the hot system in your attic and use the above proceedure to seperat the system.
        the dog


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          dog you're right

          i read the post again and i see that what he did was basically back feed the hot system through the hot hose bibb.

          a not so scientific fix would be to shut the 80 gallon valve off when you need the real hot water and draw from the 50. and vica versa the rest of the time. i told you it's not that scientific

          here is a real solution

          it might be difficult to isolate and disconnect the hot water feeds to the laundry/ kitchen and bath. if the line runs under the slab, i would look at the area that is the closest to the other plumbing of the house. a good plumber with a pipe locator should be able to narrow this down. tracing the pipes will lead you to the source. the cold will require a 3/4'' feed to properly supply the demand.

          thanks dog, for the heads up. i think i was confused with "siggots"

          phoebe it is


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            Thanks To All

            Will Check It Out And Let You Know The Progress



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              Originally posted by JOHN1
              Thanks To All

              Will Check It Out And Let You Know The Progress

              I think that Rick and I are the same tract here (ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh). You need a qualified plumber. You have a residential building with an 80 & 50 gallon heater, which tells me hot water is important to you. Making your system work is way beyond simple advice to a homeowner you will get on a website.

              ps. What is your occupation?
              the dog


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                I feel I can figure it out.
                Thanks for the info.