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    Hi I just instaleed a Ridgid Ejector Pump in my basement. The last time about 3 years ago I had a plumber do the job. We have 2 valves on the 2" pipe one about 8 feet off the floor and another about 18" off the top of the pit. We always had a noise when the pump finishes and the check valve closed. I never paid attention before upon the check valve closing we have the same noise, the pipe also moves a bit a little up snd down movement. Is this normal a nonice do it yourselfer.


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    I only have one check valve about 12" on top of the pit after the rubber isolator. It goes thump when the pump shuts off, it wiggles side to side but no up and down. Plumber installed.


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      mark, the pump is suppose to have first a check valve to keep the waste from coming back into the pit. second a shut off valve/ ball valve to allow for service of the pump or check valve.

      a sudden stop in pumping will cause the check valve to slam shut and create a water hammer effect. some cities don't allow no hub pipe and bands on the non gravity side because of this. copper and gal pipe are use to substitute. abs or pvc, when allowed.

      phoebe it is