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Anyone done electric pipe soldering?

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    Re: Anyone done electric pipe soldering?

    Originally posted by general View Post
    In my situation in a large industrial site we have to request a burn (fire) permit for each job that uses exposed flames or creates sparks regardless of the size of the job. The request needs to be submitted to the internal fire department, the crafts workers have to wait for an inspection and issue of permit, then have a 2 hour fire watch after the job is done. With the electric alternative I could reduce the time to get work completed. No permits, no fire watch. If double the time compared to torch soldering I am still way ahead of the game.
    I have worked in the same type places for many years. Power plants, petro-chemical facilities, etc. Having a firewatch stay 2 hours after work completes is excessive, 30 minutes is more in line with what everyone else does. And for soldering with an iron, either electric/electronic wires or pipe, some places would require a hot work permit. At most places the superviso or foreman does the inspection of the site after calling in to the Fire Dept and getting a permit number and he is responsible to make sure that the area has been prepped IAW the hot work procedure, no need to wait for the fire Dept to show up. They are too busy to be running around doing inspections anyway. I think your facility needs to get out there and see what's being done elsewhere and do a little benchmarking, unlless maybe you're at Browns Ferry where they may be a little parinoid because of that fire back in 76 started by a worker using a candle to find a leak.
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      Re: Anyone done electric pipe soldering?

      Originally posted by sumrcol View Post
      I am not getting you guy...I just registration with this community I don't get a Place for newbie where I introduce myself and grab rules of this community. Please any body help from where I have to start with...
      You have already started. This is a professional forum, treat it as such.

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