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  • Train roof top unit

    I have a big AHU which feeds the core area and many offices of my building and can’t seem to control the temp.

    It seems to blow pretty hard through the ducts. I have tried 3 different pulleys and there are no dampers in the diffusers to manually control it.

    I have the temp set at 76 f .

    The first floor the temp in the offices are 69F the second floor the temp is 72 f and the third floor the temp is 66 to 69.F

    The thermostat is on the second floor.

    The problem first began 1 month ago. The unit froze up because the pulley was worn and I had the coils cleaned for the first time in three years. I just took this building over`

    I have had three A fitters look at it and they all say the unit is running great.

    I now am in the process of trying to get the system balanced. I’m not sure if this is a wait of time as there are no adjustments on the ducts to be maid??

    Any advice would be much appreciated

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    first there may be a damper back at the main duct

    to use 1 unit to heat and cool 3 floors is a no no .but you had no choice

    the next best thing to do is to have the system zoned off with 3 thermostats .

    the best thing is to have a couple of good HVAC co to take a look at it and give you some ideas .

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      Why is it a bad idea to use one unit to heat cool 3 floors?

      I have had 3 A fitters come and look at it and nobody can finger it out.

      I guess I will put my money on the air balancing company in hopes they can come up with something.

      I’m still open for more ideas.

      I have 2 more engineered air units feeding the other wings.