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Drain 5000 Gallon Pool

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  • Drain 5000 Gallon Pool

    Hello , was just wondering if there were any suggestions on the best way , ie a sump pump/utility pump to drain a 5000 gallon pool. I tried doing with a garden hose - pool has a drain plug at the bottom - but my backyard is lower than the street so the water obviously won't drain uphill. I'm considering renting a pump from Home Depot unless there are any other suggestions..
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    Rent a pump. It is the best way I have ever found (having drained my 35,000 gallon pool a couple of times in the past for maintenance work). If you have any pool supply stores in you area, they often rent the equipment to do this as well and are cheaper than HD where I used to live. You can tell them what size pool and depth you have and they will recommend a pump size to rent. I don't remember what size pump I rented the last time, but it took about 15 hours to drain my pool using the sewage cleanout in my front yard to drain it to. As I recall, it was $35 for a 24 hour rental.

    Due to local codes you are not supposed to drain pool water to the street in Phoenix and can be a hefty fine and you may want to check on that in your area as well. The chemicals in the water will stain the concrete and blacktop and is against the law in my area at least.

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      i know the home depot rents pumps out by the day. they have one you can get that has a fire hidrant hose that comes with it and pumps 50 gallons a minute. that might be what you would want to get


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        Call your local volunteer fire company and see if they need to test the pump on one of their fire trucks for a half hour. If you throw in a donation to the department you might be done almost before you started

        In NJ local fire companies used to do this or they would 'assist' with filling a pool by flushing out their lines from a hydrant into your pool. At least if you knew who to talk to they would.
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