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    I just received an estimate from a plumber $1,850.00. Mind you I'm no expert and I understand the need to hire a plumber, but this seems a little over the top to me. Here's exactly what I need done:

    1. Cut three pipe lines and cap.
    2. Install one toilet.
    3. Install one face bowl, hook up lines.
    4. Remove and install catch line in tub. He's stating he has to tear up lready tiled floor.
    5. Rod catch drain in basement.

    Can someone tell me if that is a good estimate or outrageous.

    Also I see bubbles in kitchen and 1st floor bathroom walls, is this condensation or a broken pipe somewhere?

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    The price seems fair to me, If you think its high. Call someone else. But be fore warned you get what you pay for.


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      Sorry, you have not given us nearly enough information. Bubbles in the wall? if it's condensation it would be drips on the wall. Anyway, Bubbles is here in Albuquerque working on a street corner on Central avenue.