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A O smith hot water tank.

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  • A O smith hot water tank.

    I have a 200 gallon and I loose tempature on it.The damper always stays open??

    I have changed the board and motor on it and then it will work for a while.I come back and check it 4 hours later and the damper is open and i`m loosing temp.

    I raise the temp on the thrmastate that doest start it up I them wiggle the damper then it starts up???

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    i'm not familiar with a 200 gallon ao smith water heater. but it sounds like the flue damper is sticking or rubbing.

    what is the model # on the heater? how old is it? is this over 300,000 btu?

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    phoebe it is


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      br400 and its 5 years old?? i will get the btu rating tomrow morning


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        Sounds to me like a bigger unit, 200 gallon ? maybee not. 199 BTU maybee, a 119 gallon. You might want to make sure your unit does not have an internall leak from the tank. In which case the tank might still be covered under warranty. More than likely if you replaced what you said you did, there isn't much time to waste. Pull the whole blower assbl. and see if you still see water, if you do INTERNALL LEAK....... Pray for youre waranty to still be good. Hope this will help.


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          I oredered a whole new draft hood asembly.Comes with a new motor and board which I already changed

          I grinded a little of the damper in hopes of that might working and nothing.I will let you know if this helps.

          this is the tank here....100 gallon


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            This post seems a little (well...alot) out of control.

            1) gobby posted that he had a problem with a 200 gallon water heater.

            2) Rick asked for more info.

            3) gobby gave, what I think, was a model number.

            4) quescodeplumb surmised that the heater was more than a 200 gal. it was a 119 gal?????

            5) gobby than writes that it is a 100 gal. heater.

            ?????????????????????????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????

            Just a suggestion:

            Gobby: Write down the following information and re-post:

            Model Number
            the dog


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                BR400? or maybe BTR400?

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