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  • Bio clean

    Any one out there selling Bio- clean with a lot of good results??? I have sold some but a case last me awhile.

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    freddy, i bought a case almost 3 years ago and i given out 2 bottles only. not sure if it's snake oil or the real deal

    phoebe it is


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      I am not selling it because i don't know what it is?
      So what is it?


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        It's a product that you put down sink to help to clean the drains . enzyme concentration to break down stuff in the drains.


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          I have pretty good sales with that product. I use it in my own home, so I have seen the results for myself, which makes it easy to sell.
          "...then there was that dusky gal in Bangkok...real crossway breeder I swear"


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            What effect, if any, does it have on septic systems?

            Thanks, Jim


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              Who sells it?


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                Bio-Clean is great!

                Someone asks if it works, It does work!
                Its not for opening a clog in minutes, its for preventive takes a little time for these bacteria to do their job but there little colonies double in size every 2o mins.

                It does Septic tanks a world of good especially the ones in trouble.
                I Have seen people's septic tank problems subside from just one application. it don't fix anything broken but when leech lines are cloging the bacteria will eat the organic sludge right up.

                One usually cannot see the work it does, that don't mean it don't work.

                One thing I did see, it was while making my very first S.T. application.
                I mixed up a batch using a used and badly stained 5 gallon bucket
                mixed it up as the directions say, using warm water and allow it to sit a few minutes alowing the bacteria to wake up and when I poured the contents of the bucket into the tank I noticed the insides of the bucket from the water line to the very bottom was sparkling clean, it was a white bucket.

                Well the bacteria woke up hungry and cleaned the stains right out of the bucket That sold me!
                For more Info and what it is, how it works, and who sells it, go to their website at
                T Vinyard<br />Diamond Bar CA


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                  ty Above me here is right i sell bioclean daily in my company and use it at home. the first time it is used in a house the drain needs to be augered first. very safe i have even ate a mouthful (tastes like hell)
                  how is it that so many answers are in the instructions


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                    Re: Bio clean

                    I work at a college in the facitilies dept and we use bio to pre-treat drains.
                    Four times a year in the dorms.It is not for unclogging drainsIt contains a live bacteria which may be harmed if used with hot water above 140 f or with harsh chemicals such as bleach,acids,caustics or disinfectants.Warm water between 75 and 100 f and ph near neutral 6 to 8 will improve the performance.
                    It should also be added just before the longest period of non use.


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                      Re: Bio clean

                      I wonder if this stuff is similar to the old "Septic Tank Trick" that's been used for many years. Just before you leave for a vacation or some time when you won't be using your water system for a few days, we added several packages of yeast and about 5 pounds of brown sugar to a 5 gallon pail of warm, but not hot water. Then we poured that into a toilet and flushed. Next came the yeast and a few more flushes. Then the system was given a total rest for a few days. I laughed at the idea, but people that did it several times a year never needed to have their tanks pumped out and people that didn't did need them pumped.