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  • lift pump problems

    I have a friend who has just finished his basement. He had a upflush toilet installed and has been having some problems with it. The first was some water hammer as the water flowed back against the check valve. His plumber suggested installing a second check valve(?) and a verticle pipe to act as an air chamber. I have limited knowlege of plumbing but these dont sound like the best of solutions. The air chamber on the waste pipe seems alittle shadey and the second check valve seems it would only reduce the water hammer on the first check valve if it was installed quite a bit further up on the waste pipe. The second more serious problem is that the toliet has a very weak flush that renders it all but unusable. If he uses the sink in the bathroom, the lift pump turns on and sucks all the water out of his toilet. It sounded to me like he had at the very least a venting problem. I have not seen his set-up but he says the venting system is mechanical and doesn't actually vent to the outside. I have never heard or seen this type of vent (he said it was a Suttor Vent...unsure about the spelling). Any input you guys have would be greatly appreciated.

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    If it is sucking the toilet dry you definatly have some sort of venting problem.
    the dog


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      I talked to my friend today. The vent they installed is a Studdor Vent. When they first installed the lift pump and toliet the sink supply lines were not connected thus the traps were not filled with water and the toliet flushed fine. It was not until they finished the sinks that the problem occured, I assume because the sinks empty drain lines were acting as a vent. The final inspection won't be done until the middle of the week so he plans on replacing the Studdor vent to see if that is defective and go from there. If it were me I'd ditch the Studdor and go with a normal vent...not much to go wrong there. Also, he apparently installed the second check valve at the highest point in the waste line...I'm don't think it will do much to solve his water hammer problem. The plumber he is using is a family member and he seems to have had nothing but problems so far. Thanks for the quick reply Plumbdog.