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Sump Pump Height?

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  • Sump Pump Height?

    I am installing a sump pump in my basement this weekend and need to figure out how high to set it.

    Here's the situation.

    House is three years old and has a good perimeter drain system working fine. Last spring though during an exceptionally hard rainy season water came almost up to the bottom of my slab. I can tell because there is a small drain hole in my furnace room the builders left. I can look down there and see the water level in the stones.

    No water has ever entered the basement but during that time there was some wicking and the pressure cracks throughout the basement has moisture around them.

    I am installing the sump pump system in case I ever have to much rain in the future that the perimeter drains could not handle.

    Any way most of the year the water table is probably 10 or so inches below the slab and if I install the pump it may not be under water most of the year.

    I need to know what would be a good height to set it to go off when the water rises.

    I was thinking so it goes on if the table gets about 4" or so from the bottom of the slab.

    Any suggestions?