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  • how again?

    Ok its time to redo my shop again sigh....
    I will be doing some work on the floor and will install framed up walls this time so i can hang upper cabs . I need to know :
    1) does the plastic go up before the wood or;
    2) does it go up after insulation and before drywall goes up ?
    I cannot seem to remember for the life of me lol. I know someone will remember this one thxs in advance...

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    Re: how again?

    i thought that if you use insulation with a paper face you don't need plastic .

    but if you do put plastic up it goes before the drywall.

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      Re: how again?

      If by plastic you mean sheet plastic used for a vapor barrier, it goes between the insulation and the drywall.


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        Re: how again?

        It depends on the ambient climate. In a warm, high humidity climate, the plastic goes on the outside to prevent the humidity from saturating the insulation, causing it to lose effectiveness and also cause mold when it condenses by hitting plastic on the inside air conditioned (cooled) wall. AC lowers the humidity, so you want it to also keep the insulation dried out. In a northern climate where the humidity is usually low (especially in the sub freezing temp period) it is best on the inside, as humidity is added to the inside air during the winter to keep it comfortable. If you put it outside the insulation in a cold climate, the moisture from humidifying the house gets into the insulation, and will condense when it hits the outside plastic, saturating the insulation.
        In Michigan, you probably want it on the inside as Pipestone Kid advised.

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