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  • Stamped Concrete

    Finally found time to do my own. Pic's are at sunset, looks way better in person. If you are in the Peterborough to Ajax area we do quality work at a reasonable price. Shameless plug
    Next project is triple mix fill, grass seed and sprinkler system - maybe find time this fall
    Shop Entrance - maybe in 2008

    Back pad for BBQ, Deck maybe this fall before the grass

    Front Yard

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    Re: Stamped Concrete

    Looks very nice Wayne
    I love the curves on the walk as well
    Nice place.

    How was the concrete colored?
    Cheers! - Jim
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      Re: Stamped Concrete

      Thanks, we order the base colour right from the concrete company and it comes mixed ready to pour. We have done it where you add the colour to the truck when it gets to the site (different company) but prefer it premixed. The secondary colour (Black accent and 'grout' lines) is the release agent that you sprinkle on top of the troweled concrete before stamping. The next morning you wash off the release agent cut and seal.


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        Re: Stamped Concrete

        looks good when we use coloured concrete we like to use lafarge as they have now gone to liquid no clumping of colour in full loads and cant beat there ultra mix these days whith all this heat just curious do you use shark bite in your sealer on the stamped like your swirl pattern to i prefure it over broom


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          Re: Stamped Concrete

          Looks very nice, WBrooks! I really hate the expanse of concrete in our driveway, walkway, and front porch. Is there a way to overlay that kind of look on already formed concrete?
          I put it all back together better than before. There\'s lots of leftover parts.


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            Re: Stamped Concrete

            Thanks for the comments

            Tuff, we don't add any 'grip' products to the sealer unless the customer specifically requests it. The random stone pattern I used here has lots of peaks and valleys so sure footing is not an issue even when wet. Even if you do use it on smoother surfaces I find it does not help much in the winter and sand must be spread on top for traction. I don't like the calcium products and since I live in what is basically a sand pit, I use sand.

            Sandy, we have not yet done a job like you are asking but it can be done. You use a liquid bonding agent on top of your slab and then pour another slab on top of the existing, the problem is that you need to push the stones in the mix down a minimum of 3/4" so they do not show up when you stamp. I would say the minimum thickness of the 'new' pad would be 1.5" but I believe 2" is the recommended minimum. Unfortunately 2" would likely mean a step down into the garage which you would not want to do.


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              Re: Stamped Concrete

              I made a rolling imprinter similar to the "Quick Imprint Concrete" system,
              And have good results with it,

              I see a new company has one out that you don't need the plastic to keep it from sticking,
              the main draw back with the plastic is wind, if it is windy it is nearly impossible to get the light weight plastic stretch out over the concrete to use the roller,
              the cement can be colored or a dye sprayed on after wards or jsut left alone.

              my roller has a flagstone look, it is fast and easy,

              this picture is off the quick imprint site, but shows how finished slab can look using the flagstone roller.
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