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radiant heat/slab for garage on foundation

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  • radiant heat/slab for garage on foundation


    I posted it in the plumbing section but it should have been in construction!

    also note someone had mentioned the prep of the base material. the base is 3/4 clear stone so there 's no granular to pack. my foundation guy had said that clear stone is good because it will not compact and that way there's no worry about not properly packing.

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    Re: radiant heat/slab for garage on foundation

    first off you really need to call a local supply house and have this system designed by someone that has taken courses on it and has knowledge of it. i have done several hydronic radiant heat systems and there is way more to it than looping pex in the floor. you need to lay an isul-tarp over the gravel and over that you need to lay a wire mesh to zip tie the pex to. all of your loops need to be the same length also. i highly recomend having this drawn up by your supply house, they dont charge anything if you by the material from them, and you really need an experienced plumber to hook it all up