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  • Tub faucet and shower brand

    We plan to have installed two new tub and shower fixtures in our bathrooms as part of a remodeling plan. I don't have a clue about residential plumbing. I have confidence in the plumber's installation ability we plan to hire based on recommendations from others. Are there any questions that need to be asked of the plumber in order to assess quality of the fixtures? Does price, in general, reflect quality in plumbing fixtures? We are looking for something that is functional not showy.


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    Re: Tub faucet and shower brand

    I like kohler, I do service repair and have not had to fix one yet. They last. Delta also great, cheaper but good quality. Very easy to rebuild. I do not like Moen. Price up to a certain point indicates quality. Anything past around 200 and you're paying for looks. Pick a faucet that is heavy. This generally indicates solid brass construction rather than stamped steel. I've also found that single handle faucets are more use friendly. Many of my older customer ask me to install single handle faucets because you need less hand strength.
    Buy cheap, buy twice.


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      Re: Tub faucet and shower brand

      I would have to say Kohler also, good quality and nice look.

      Check with local codes on the pressure balance anti scald requirement, most valves are already set up this way.

      Simmons valves are also very good, less expensive, I use them for all my rental units, not sure what your budget is.

      Delta has a life long warrenty on their finish, I believe moen does also, I recommend going with just Chrome finishes as they will outlast anything and look good while doing it.

      Price does not reflect quality as I have seen many "High Quality, High Price" faucets leak out of the box, a good example of this would be a California Faucets widespread faucet, my customer purchased 2, each that cost $700.00 each and there was a problem with the o-rings, causing a leak at the base on 1 of them. the other faucet was ok, so I look at it as a 50/50 chance.
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        Re: Tub faucet and shower brand

        I would go with Delta as a good faucet and price. next on the higher side I look into Toto. I don't like kohler myself.