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  • soffit enclosure

    I want to enclose the soffit with ventilated hardi-plank soffit board (24" wide). The rafter tails overhang about 2 feet and the top of the windows are just about level with the bottom of the fascia board and in my neighborhood they don't put the soffit perpendicular to the wall. The outer ridge boards (?? the overhang on the gabled end) are also 2x6.

    How do you go about this? Cut a wedge to match the angle of the 5-12 roof and tack it to the bottom of the fascia bard and cut the bottom edge of a 2x4 at the same angle and nail it to the wall to attach the other side? Am I missing something?

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    Re: soffit enclosure

    Box soffits will have to have a box cornice built at the ends, angle soffits where the soffit meat the wall, you could skip the trim and use your siding or siding trim to butt up to the hardy, you may not even have to use a trim where hardy meets the fascia board. Trim is just a finished look, which hides big nail heads and screws.

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      Re: soffit enclosure

      there instructions, for soffit

      other products they make install instructions,
      Push sticks/blocks Save Fingers
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        Re: soffit enclosure

        Thanks garager.

        I kind of want to cover that ugly weathered 2x6 fascia board also. Do you think this would work? Worried about the open area under the 2x6 fascia board.

        Is there another brand of PVC trim board readily available like Azek ?