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Amount of concrete?

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  • Amount of concrete?

    Hey all, i need help with figuring how much concrete i will need for some footings for a new deck. I'm going to use the quik-tubes. I was going to dig down 12", Is that sufficient in Atlanta Ga.?This deck is pretty unique,can't wait to get it started and take some pics. Thanks in advance guys!
    Happy Halloween! BTW the tubes are 8" diameter i think?

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    Re: Amount of concrete?

    footing are suppost to be 12"below the frost line so i would say you footing need to be at the very least 20" deep maybe 24", this way the frost cant get under it lift it up, but you should ask your countys building dept to be sure. also i would recomend 10" this might be a tad over kill but if you ever get alot of rain you with thank me fot it later as the deck wont, want to settle.

    out dor projects i tend to over kill on the fondation part of it as seems to always be the weakest link due to ground moistuer and bugs.

    just my opinion though, and please post pics we would love to see the work.
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      Re: Amount of concrete?

      Thanks OSC. I found a concrete calculator that helped me with the concrete. I figured 24" deep.Thanks again.