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  • Utility body--aftermarket

    Hey all. I have a 2003 sliverado 1500 extended cab extended bed. As of now I have no garage so I keep all of my tools inside the cab. I have taken out my backseat and built a small stand and everything fits in there like O.J.'s hand in the glove. I also have a knaak box chained in the bed where I keep my "tangly" stuff like cords, hoses and assorted big hand tools. I would love to get rid of this box because it weighs too much and takes up too much bed space.

    Another important fact is my truck was smashed, and I mean SMASHED in a hit and run while parked. Someone backed out of an adjacent space and tore the side open like a sardine can. I have been driving it around like this for a long time as I spent the insurance money on living between jobs. It is ugly as sin but I consider it a theft deterrent.

    I want to get a utility bed, but I need a fairly light one because my truck is only a 1500. I was wondering if anyone had experience in this kind of shopping? I would be happy to put heavy duty leaf springs or shocks in if need be, but I also would like to keep the weight/fuel consumption down.

    Thanks in advance,

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    Re: Utility body--aftermarket

    this might be a start, i know that i have only seen a hand full of utilty body on 1/2 tons and the main concern is the brakes more so than the springs
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      Re: Utility body--aftermarket

      This place is in Canada (Vancouver Island) where I live but you may get some ideas from them. Mostly aluminum construction, lots of pics ->

      Cheers! - Jim
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        Re: Utility body--aftermarket

        Aluminum would be the way to go with the 1/2 ton truck, but buyer beware big time $$$$$$$$$


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          Re: Utility body--aftermarket

          I had a F-250 for years with the shorter.normal bed height,utility body that was steel.It had a 460 so mpg stayed the same basically.They are very handy but also very heavy.I knew a guy that had a 60s chevy 1/2 ton short wheelbase with 1 on it,that truck was forever overloaded but he liked it.I have seen fiberglass utility beds but not in a long time.Alu is the way to go but personally for a 1/2 ton I'd just buy bed boxes..over wheelwells crossbed etc.
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