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R16/18 Insulated Garage Door?

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  • R16/18 Insulated Garage Door?

    I've been looking at insulated garage doors on-line and at the local HD and I don't get how the units on-line can be R16 and R18? I don't know how to make a 2x4 stud wall anything more than R14 so how do they get an even bigger R value in a garage door? The HD only has doors that are R6.5 and R9 (if I recall correctly). Also, if you have any recommendations for door manufacturers I'd appreciate knowing that too. Thanks!

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    Re: R16/18 Insulated Garage Door?

    They use foam not fiberglass in the core of the door...

    Foams have a different R rating than fiberglass.
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      Re: R16/18 Insulated Garage Door?

      Extruded polystyrene (pink foam) 3.5" = R17.5 but I have never seen a 3.5" thick door. I have a Clopay 2", it is a decent door and comes with good weather stripping. Home Hardware also has a good 2" (much cheaper than Clopay) door but you need to toss the weather stripping and buy better.


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        Some misleading for which I won't give that much attention to R value on garage doors.