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  • Stop door from closing

    Hi all,
    I just installed a new interior door inside of a existing off plump jam. The door fits nice but will slowly close automatically when opened. I assume this is because the door is out of plump and leaning. I really do not want to straighten the jam since the ceiling is not level and the door and trim look right matching the ceiling.
    How can I prevent the door from closing. Can I swap out one of the hinges with something that would add some friction. I thought of a magnetic door stop as well. The door certainly does not slam shut but the slow close is aggravating.
    Thanks bob

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    Re: Stop door from closing

    How about a door stop?
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      Re: Stop door from closing

      Put a slight bend in the hinge pin.


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        Re: Stop door from closing

        Quick fix -
        Take down the door and wipe the hinge pins and hinges completely clean of all factory applied lubricants. This may be all you need to do to add a bit of friction.

        Easy but slow fix -
        Home centers sell spring loaded hinges that keep doors closed, maybe someone on the net sells one that does the opposite.

        Labor intensive fix -
        There are two ways for a jamb to be "out of plumb."
        Get out a level to determine which of these is your problem:
        While standing in the doorway, under the header, put the level on the edge of the jamb. It is probably plumb from this perspective.
        Now stand in the room facing the door. Put the level on the face of the jamb. It is probably out of plumb from this perspective, with the top of the jamb leaning away from the stud behind it.
        Your best bet would be to pull off just one piece of the trim and drive in some shims behind the lower hinge, or remove shims from behind the upper hinge.
        Be careful when you close the door after this, as your reveal between the door and the opposing jamb and the header will have changed.

        Quick ghetto fix:
        Take out one of the hinge screws that hold the UPPER hinge to the jamb. Replace it with a 2.5 or 3 inch deck screw and drive that mother home.
        The goal is for this longer screw to catch the stud behind the jamb. When you screw this in with force, it will suck the jamb tighter against the stud and plumb it up a bit.


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          Re: Stop door from closing

          Originally posted by Pipestone Kid View Post
          Put a slight bend in the hinge pin.
          I agree with this as the "quick fix". Take the pin out and lay it on a concrete surface and give it a light rap with a hammer. The correct way is to fix the jamb, but it isn't always an option.

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            Re: Stop door from closing

            What res057 said- easiest way to fix it - works great too.


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              Re: Stop door from closing

              thanks guys,

              I usally drive in a 3" screw on the top hinge into the stud whenever I install a door as a rule. Did not help here.

              Wow, I never thought of bending the hinge pin. It worked like a charm.

              thank you!