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Aristex?? popcorn on ceilings

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  • Aristex?? popcorn on ceilings

    I had a small ceiling hole to fix the other day.My buddy stepped through it.,,.LOL....You can bet, I gave him a very hard time about it.He had everything there to fix it,when i got there.But something to spray it with.
    So,After a few beers,and still giving him a hard time.I had a massive brain fart.In one of my tool bags was a caulk gun, i pulled the plug out of the back of the tube,cleaned it out,cut the top off flat,Filled it with aristex????Put my thumb on the top of he tube,pulled the trigger a few times got the pressure built up,removed my thumb and sprayed the ceiling.Not only did it work,it worked great.
    just a little trick,that might help out out sometime.
    If you choose not to decide,you still have made a choice.

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    Re: Aristex?? popcorn on ceilings

    I guess no one liked my little trick.
    If you choose not to decide,you still have made a choice.


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      Re: Aristex?? popcorn on ceilings

      I don't know if liking or not likeing it is the point, a neat trick, I would not have thought of trying it, but I have two small hand pump sprayers for touch up and repair of things like that, besides a full pledge hopper and even a large super tank for blowing on textures.

      and I did file it in the back recesses of my mind as an emergency measure, to trying ever necessary,

      I guess after reading it I really did not know how to respond. I saw it as a "If all else fails try this" trick.

      thank you for posting the idea.
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