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    I will be installing an exterior door unit in place of a window. The house is wood frame construction with brick veneer. The RO width is correct for the new door and the window is tall enough that I will only have to remove two courses of brick for proper height. My question is how can I best seal the jamb and threshold to ensure no water infiltration. Can any type of flashing be installed in a retro-fit to make sure that any water which does leak within the wall find it’s way outside?

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    Re: Door Installation

    Before installing new door I install 6 or wider in Self-Adhering Rubber Flashing Tape all the way around the door opening folding tape into the Jack studs.
    You can find flashing for the top of the door molding (prebent made for this situation), which after it is installed should get covered by your siding.
    I will use 100% Silicone for behind the door brick molding, 1 continuous bead all the way around the 3 sides. The threshold will get about a full tube by itself, and in which I'll bank it up the jack studs also. So when I do installs, I will go through 2 tubes of caulking. Unless you siding calls for a caulk placement between door/window trims and siding, do not put any on. Caulking can trap water/moisture and cause damage, due to water/moisture cannot run out/escape. Hope this helps a little for you....
    Great Link for a Construction Owner/Tradesmen, and just say Garager sent you....

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