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SM Board on Exterior of House

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  • SM Board on Exterior of House

    I am thinking of building a new house on the west coast of British Columbia. The house will have 6" walls and 1" of SM insulating board on the exterior. Over this will be Tar paper and Hardie plank. Is it still necessary to put an interior vabour barrier on the inside of the walls? I believe the dew point is moved to the exterior of the SM board.
    Is there any harm in using a vapour barrier on the inside walls with the above discribed construction method?

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    Re: SM Board on Exterior of House

    why not just build the house with insulated concrete forms .logix makes one of the best 2.75inches of psfoam which will give you an r-24 .this method of construction is the best for engery loss so your costs to heat and cool will be way will need to put an air exchanger in the basement .on the inside walls just hang your drywall ,screw every eight inches or glue it to the forms.