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Curbless Shower?

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  • Curbless Shower?

    I need some advice from you experianced tile setters! I do alot of tile work, and regular shower pans, but have my first "curbless" one coming up next week.

    Here is the job info... The house only has 2x8 joists, 16" OC, so cutting them even slightly to make a recessed pan is out of the question. I did plan on scabbing on the sides of the joists, and then recessing the plywood floor to be flush with the top of the joists, to gain 3/4". The main floor in the bathroom consists of 3/4" OSB, and will be covered with 1/2" HardiBacker. So, basicly, I will be starting with the main floor in the bathroom 1-1/4" higher than the base of the starting point of the shower. From this point, i am kind of confused as to what to do with the liner and curb area. I know I do need to slightly ramp it up from the outside of the shower and in, and planned on a ~12" wide area, ~1" high, that I would have to hand trowel out.

    Kinda of like this...
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    Re: Curbless Shower?

    that would probably work, but the biggest thing would be that you had 1/4" per foot slope to the drain. And, that you drop atleast 1" to the floor drain. Is there any way that you can get some sort of joist support directly below the shower? I think if you did that and sistered on 2X6's to the existing joist you could the necessary slope and drop that you need. and reduce the minimal "curb" that you show in your drawing.


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      Re: Curbless Shower?

      I was told that cutting the joists or even scabbing and cutting them was a no go from the GC on the job, dont feel like fighting it. I know the 1/4" drop deal, and I think it should be close. The shower is only 34" deep, so from drain to curb is only 17".


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        Re: Curbless Shower?

        I think I understand you ,your drain is coming out of the sub floor and there is osb ,backer board . so if height is not a problem ,the answer is "shulter" shower system . go to home depot and look at or there web site .basicly it is pst form that caontains slope for a drain and a curb . give it a try