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Insulation for garage/shop

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  • Insulation for garage/shop

    First off, I live in Minneapolis, MN so cold is the norm here for 5 months a year. I am going to be insulating my one car attached garage and want to get the best R value I can. The walls are only 2x4 with no house wrap at all. Because of the 2 x 4 walls, I am thinking I can only use R-13 Kraft faced insulation. There is no drywall up on most of the walls so I have some flexibility in what I do.

    The ceiling is sloped and I feel I can get insulation to all of it. My bigger challenge will be to get drywall up there. I have seen (pictures only) a ceiling that was insulated but only had a metalic looking covering over the insulation. It looked like a reflective covering to the kraft paper. Does anyone know what this is and would it be an option for my ceiling?