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cement question

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  • cement question

    I want to make a decorative floor, putting crushed glass that was tumbled smooth in a cement/concrete base like Terazzo. What type cement or concrete is used? Thanks, Jake

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    Re: cement question

    You pour regular concrete but you rod it off 1/2" to 3'8" low. Then, about the time you would finish it, you mix up bags of a concrete topping (you have to buy seperate) and it has clear glass in the mix. After you rod that off you "seed" in the colored glass and "kind" of finish it. When the finishing is done you have to treat the concrete so the top wont cure. The next day you use a floor buffer as well as wash the top layer off.

    Things can go bad very quick and cost a lot of money if they do, its not a do it yourself job so be carefull.


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      Re: cement question

      Appreciate the information. Will try a very small area to see if it turns out. Thanks again, Jake


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        Re: cement question

        I have help pour and rod off over a 100 walks and driveways, have even helped on 2 stampings and can tell you from experience that this is something to be left up to the pro's.

        I have a basement floor that needs to be leveled off so as to put carpet down and in no way try it myself even though I know how it is done. I'm a pretty cheap person when it comes to hiring work out if I think I can do it.

        I have watched the pros and even been lucky enough to work with some.

        Some things you should try and others you pay to have it fixed after you have failed.

        Good luck with your project, I hope it works out for you.