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  • bay window seat

    ok guys,
    The little women wants me to put in a bay window seat , inthe bay window.

    At the bottom of the main window which is about 39 inches wide, the two side windows are about 22 inches, there is a electric basebord heater, which is 38 inches long, I dont know the watts for it .
    I would like to make the seat but leave a space along the wall of about 4 inches wide, to accomodate a grill of some type, and leave about 3 inches off the floor , under the seat so that the base board can suck up air . Under the seat I might add a drawer , so that I can get to the base board if I have to replace it. every thing would be srewed together with srews. Can I do this?
    code wise I mean, or any sujestions

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    Re: bay window seat

    The first thing I would do is contact an electrician or plumbing and heating contractor to check for codes and let them do the work. I don't fool with electricity or plumbing.

    Build your window seat and incoroprate a tow kick that is the depth of the electric heating element and have the electrician move the heating element out to the front and under the seat. Then, here is the easy part, wait a year.

    Watch for condensation on the window. If none occurs you are home free. If you encounter condensation because of impeded convection past the window build a valance above the window. Behind the valance install some low wattage lights and a fractional horsepower fan. Just the heat from the lights might be enough to enhance convection across the window, but the inclusion of a fractional horsepower fan to the mix will ensure your windows remain condensate free.

    Here is something you may wish to consider. Think in terms of wall treatment not just window treatment. Don't just build a window seat. On both sides of the window seat add built-in bookcases that will extend the entire width of the wall. Then for sure add a valance and some small directional spotlights to illumnate items in the bookcase. Again the only reason for the valance is to hide the small fan if needed. If the fan is not needed I would still add some sort of directional lighting either exposed or recessed. If you decide to go with recessed lighting fixtures be careful. Some are designed for remodels and some are designed for new construction. Your electrician will most certainly know which to buy.