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dry wall VS wonder board

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  • dry wall VS wonder board

    Some of you may have read my posts on the plumber section regarding re-plumbing our home.

    I have almost finished installing new dry wall in the openings cut by the plumbers. I am using the fiberglass tape instead of the paper tape with excellent results.

    I am now looking at the open wall by the tub area. This house was built before building inspectors arrived in Arizona! 1966 vintage! the homeowner/builder used 3/8" interior grade plywood on the wall where the fixtures were mounted..please don't ask! This place is the house of horrors! no insulation, aluminum wire, crappy windows etc.etc.

    the other two walls of the tub area are currently covered in a merilte [sp?] type material. I am trying to decide if I'll be putting a new fiberglass surround or go with tile. you have an idea as to what I'm up to.

    I have read that green board is moisture resistant but has lost popularity and now a days
    and the normal product of choice is wonder board..........aka cement board 1/2"

    I am seriously considering wonder board for the open wall but I'm not sure what I should do on the other two walls. I really do not want to "make work" if I can avoid it.

    Can I simply secure the pink color rubber membrane and tile over the old stuff?
    -Or- do I really need to tear out the walls to the studs and install wonder board all around the tub and then tile?

    Also, if I use wonder board, do I need to apply a rubber membrane before tiling?

    Thanks for your advice.

    Cactus Man

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    Re: dry wall VS wonder board

    Even the Gypsum Association now says not to use Green Board as a substrate under tile. Fiberglass would not be as critical but remember if Wonder Board gets wet it dries out. It Green Board gets wet you replace it.

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      Re: dry wall VS wonder board

      You could look into USG Durock. It's heavy, somewhat pricey depending on size, but it makes a GREAT base for tiling. Sounds about the same as Wonderboard, but i'm not familiar with the term. We use Durock and a sealer quite a bit for exteriors that get a lot of rain runoff. It holds extremely well, never seen any problems.
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