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Bathroom gets complicated - proceed or no?

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  • Bathroom gets complicated - proceed or no?

    I'm new to the forum and new to DIY in general. I was planning on replacing the tile in my girlfriends' bathroom upon moving in with her, but upon initial investigation the bathroom was built poorly and there's plenty of water damage around the tub that's evident without much searching.

    I love learning how to build and fix but must admit that I have very little experience. My questions are:

    1.Am I dooming myself to a failed bathroom project and possibly, relationship with my girl by going forward on this?

    2.Is there a compromise of self & professional labor that I could utilize like: I'll remove the current tile and board to expose the studs and plumbing, then have a professional check the pipes and install hardy board. Then once that's up I could do the tiling and finish work?

    3.I have very resourceful friends who've done a lot of projects on their own house - should I take the plunge with their help and enjoy the experience of learning on the job (insert laughter from pros now).

    Any wisdom for a wide-eyed newbie would be appreciated and most likely taken to heart.

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    Re: Bathroom gets complicated - proceed or no?

    There is a lot of satisfaction in doing a project yourself. However, you stated that there was a lot of water damage. Water promotes mold and mold is not good.

    Also, if your week in the remodeling area I would suggest to pay for a remodeler contractor to come in and do the work. Your girlfriend will be most pleased. Also, it'll guarantee that your job gets done quickly.

    I don't mean to scare you off on your project, but when it comes to certain rooms, you better know what your doing, kitchens and baths fit that criteria...
    Great Link for a Construction Owner/Tradesmen, and just say Garager sent you....

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      Re: Bathroom gets complicated - proceed or no?

      Welcome to the Forum and DIY. I've found this to be a good place to get helpful info.

      In answer to your questions:

      1. Depends on the girl.

      2. Not a bad idea, I'd try to find a contractor first so that when you do the wreck out, you're not waiting forever on him. Also, the contractor might like the flexibility of knowing what's going on behind the wall before giving you a firm price.

      3. I'd count on advice from the friends more than actual help

      This doesn't take into account that you said it's HER place. That could be a whole different dynamic in my thinking if it's not MY place.???
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        Re: Bathroom gets complicated - proceed or no?

        Originally posted by Big Dog View Post
        This doesn't take into account that you said it's HER place. That could be a whole different dynamic in my thinking if it's not MY place.???
        That is a pretty good point, if it doesn't turn out great for something you share then it is probably not as bad as if it is something of hers that you did not so well.

        I would say go for it, as long as you don't have kids or a pregnant girlfriend. After a while she'll start getting annoyed that you are spending so many evenings/weekends working on that instead of taking care of the kids. Once you have kids any time that is spent doing DIY can end up charged to your "fun" account; she'll wonder why she doesn't get the same amount of time off; and things always take more time than you expect. Even then, the amount of money that you save doing DIY can make up for temporary friction.


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          Re: Bathroom gets complicated - proceed or no?

          I think you have a good balance of pro vs. DIY: You do the demo, the pros do the plumbing and backer board, then you and your lady can have an adventure in tiling.
          The key is to get HER involved in the tiling process. Then she'll feel proud of the final product, rather than critical of any imperfections.
          HOWEVER, I only suggest this with the assumption that she has a second place to shower during the whole process. If this is her only shower, then there will be too much time in between your demo, getting bids from pros, and then your tiling job.
          However long you think this whole process will take, double that.