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  • interior concrete wall

    I am planning to finish my basement bathroom. there are two concrete wall there like a T. one of the concrete walls has a window and connect with outside earth but one of the concrete walls is a wall to separate this bathroom with another room. Do i need to insulate that interior concrete wall which separate rooms? Or just paint or put a drywall will be good enough?

    We don't need to insulate any interior walls which just separate rooms in any way?


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    Re: interior concrete wall

    Concrete blocks can act as a wick, not just for cold, but for heat as well. I wouldn't worry, because its pretty insignificant in your situation, but your outer walls do insulate. Go ahead and paint it up, use a good primer first. If this is a finished basement or going to be one. Looking at blocks are not very warm and inviting to look at, keep that in mind. But if budget is an issue, paint is cheap. Zinsser 123 Primer is what I recommend.
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      Re: interior concrete wall

      If it is a block wall a good block filler shoulf be used first and then go for whatever color you want