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above ground pool needs a deck

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  • above ground pool needs a deck

    future in laws have an above ground pool 21 feet round and they want a deck around it. I am tasked to design and build it.
    I have tried online plans and designs only found one site. i like it but maybe others are outthere i do not know about.
    or maybe some one here has ore creative powers then i do.
    looking at one doing one or 2 corners from the fence to the pool

    fence corner post is 15 feet from pool at each side
    deck is to be flush with top of pool wall
    cedar decking
    floating support posts using the deck post blocks
    anyone have some creative sites in mind i can go to for plans or have a plan with detail drawings they could share?
    single level deck with stairs , railing etc

    thanks guys in advance
    if the answers break site rules pm me the answers

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    Re: above ground pool needs a deck

    I built this deck a few years ago for a friend. I think the pool was 21' round, but I don't remember, and unfortunately, he moved at the end of the summer right after we built it. New homeowners took down the pool and deck 2 years later.

    We sunk 4 footings per his town's code; used 4x4 posts and double 2x12 beams. We cantilevered the deck rafters 2 feet over the beams. Decking was Trex-type stuff. Code required the railing be 42" minimum and incorporate either a locking gate or removeable stairs. We opted for the gate. Building inspector was more than pleased with the design, and it was rock solid. I don't know if you can make out any details of the construction (I'm not the best photographer), and we sketched the plan up on our own.

    At the least, it may give you an idea.

    We had thought of the post block construction, but it wasn't allowed. I think you can do a search for the company that makes the blocks, or just search post block deck construction. I remember there was a plan on one website I had found.

    Sorry if tnis isn't much help.
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      Re: above ground pool needs a deck

      Here are a few more pics for ideas, I think the pool is 32' round.

      The post are all 6X6 cedar, the beam on the front is 6X12X24' the black spots are actually nuts and washers (2" threaded rod)
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        Re: above ground pool needs a deck

        Here is another one for ideas!
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