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How to make pattern for undermount sink cutout

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  • How to make pattern for undermount sink cutout

    Hi, I have a clients sink that I need to cutout for in a 1.75 thick walnut top.Its an undermount sink thats square but curved sides. There is no template or paperwork for sure.I understand sometimes the template is the box itself but no such luck.
    The edge is 1.5 wide, the client wants about a 1/4 reveal. I can obviously turn it upside down and trace the outside pattern, but then how do I bring that pattern in 1.25 inches and be exact in the shape?

    One thing I was thinking about doing is going to a print shop and ask if they know hot to shrink it down 1.25 inches. I can alos got to a C&C machine and have ot done that way (I dont really have the time flexibility to go this route).

    Im going to drill a hole so I can get my 5 inch jig saw blade in there and cut it proud and then finish it with a trim router bit that has a top bearing.

    The template is the problem.
    Sink is made by de la frontera it looks like pounded copper, its pretty small about 15x15.

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    Re: How to make pattern for undermount sink cutout

    I'm surprised nobody replied to this. What I would do is turn the sink upside down on a piece of posterboard, then reach through the drain opening and trace the perimeter, then get a compas or a scribe tool and set it for 1/4 inch from the pencil tip to the scribe point and follow along your tracing. Cut out the result and check it against the top of the sink, it should be perfect if you did the process carefully. Templating is the way to go. I would not recommend giving it that 1/4" in. reveal however as it would be a spot for the water to puddle and potentially rot the top despite your best efforts to seal it. Instead I would cut the top 1/8-1/16" proud of the sink and back bevel it to allow any water to drain into the sink. Make sure when you set it you seal the crap out of it.


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      Re: How to make pattern for undermount sink cutout

      this was a double post, as it was discussed at length in another post
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