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lava rock and foundation waterproofing

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  • lava rock and foundation waterproofing


    I am getting ready to waterproof my foundation. I want to finish my walkout basement that is below grade in the front of the house and slopes from about 4' below grade to about 1' below in the backyard. I want to excavate around the entire perimeter down to the footing, apply an elastomeric coating (after repairing any cracks) and then a drainage membrane. After all that I want to put in perforated pipe sloped to the backyard drainage ditch. My question is two fold. First, are there any flaws with my plan so far? Second I have a bunch of red lava rock in my front yard that I dont want there anymore so I was thinking I could encapsulate the perforated pipe with the lava rock. As I understand it the starndard is to use crushed gravel but I figure the lava rock should be equally as effective, what say all of you?