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  • attic stairs insulation

    anyone have any thoughts on whether fold down attic stairs, which are covered by an R12 rigid foam insulation board(dow super tuf-r) box during heating season, should be uncovered, or left covered, during cooling season. would leaving the cover in place on the stairs keep hot air in the cooled area or would more hot air in the attic, which is where the air handler is located, add to the house heat load? attic is otherwise fully insulated with R38 fiberglass on the floor of the attic.
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    Re: attic stairs insulation

    I would keep it covered, unless you use the steps a lot. Heat will always try to go to a cool area. Winter time, its trying to get out, summer time, its trying to get in. As long as insulation is between the two differences, it will slow it down...
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