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Ceiling fan question

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  • Ceiling fan question

    Hey guys,
    Hopefully I am posting this under an appropriate topic; if not, I appologize. I recently installed a 52 inch hunter ceiling fan in my master bedroom. There was a ceiling fan rated pancake box already installed by the builder. Well, in the process of installing the fan, I stripped the heads of the two 3 inch #10 mounting screws supplied with the fan, for mounting it to the ceiling joists. I went down to the hardware store, and bought some replacement screws. At the time, I couldnt' remember what size screws they were, other than being 3 inch, so I ended up buying #8 screws. Well, now that I have the fan up and and working, I am starting to wonder, will those #8 screws be acceptable to hold up the fan safely, or should I take the whole fan down, and replace them with new #10 screws? I just dont want to wake up to a fan crashing down on me. Thanks for your guys input. Keith

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    Re: Ceiling fan question

    Change them, you went smaller then the hole size, so don't risk it. Even at med. speed your getting some vibration, not safe....
    Great Link for a Construction Owner/Tradesmen, and just say Garager sent you....

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