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    Re: Ladder

    Originally posted by lmei007 View Post
    Little Giant is good. But the closest dealer to me is more than 15mi and it's expensive.

    I have posted here before regarding my ladder accident so I will not go back into it. However, one day I used a non-Little Giant ladder at my daughters house and ended up with several broken bones in my shoulder and leg when the ladder walked on me. Five surgeries and a knee replacement latter and I still have limited use of my right leg and shoulder. Don't be cheap with your ladder.

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      Re: Ladder

      I will also add to Mark's post, I too was using a cheapy aluminum ladder. It walked on me and then it was gone it took out my shoulder when I landed, 2 operations later and I still am having trouble keeping it in the socket.
      The extra money spent on a good ladder is never a bad thing. It will always pay for it self and over the years of use you will always say that you are glad you spent the money up front to buy a good one.