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    Re: Redesigning Help

    I like the ideal of a second lower deck that wraps around and acts as a second lower deck. If it works you might be able to not have to put a rail across the porch. It won't interfere with the walk as it would step down anywhere into the yard.

    Would try and change the post and make them bigger and step them back from the edge a bit. Maybe plate behind the existing 2 by if you can with 2 by 6 and then attach the bigger post to it and then tie them into the bottom under the decking.

    If you have to rail it then I would put a sacrificial post on the house to make it more pleasing and uniform.

    Don't know about maint. free material as it is pretty spendy. Also don't what you have out in your neck of the woods.


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      Re: Redesigning Help

      I was thinking,nice benches across the front of the house,for plants,sitting,statues or something.Run siding around the top of the porch down 2' or so.Wrap the posts with 1*6 and crown around the top of the post,chair rail with about 4" space than more chair rail.Some nice base plates with base trim. Some kind of beam from one post to the house with a porch swing on one side.Lattic around the bottom of the porch would look nice.I like the wider steps,idea maybe pour concrete from the edge of the stairs out 3 or 4 " down the sidewalk to nothing.
      Just a few thoughts. good luck
      If you choose not to decide,you still have made a choice.


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        Re: Redesigning Help

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