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Sag in door

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    Re: Sag in door

    Originally posted by Gizmoman View Post
    Did you remove the screws in the top hinge to see how long they are. If there short get some longer screws 3" with the same size head on the existing screws. Run the screws in the hinge slowly the door should pull back up if if theres solid framing behind the door.
    The majority of the time the longer screws were never installed during installation. The problem you have is pretty common. As long as theres not a structure problem above or below the longer screws should work.
    In the picture it looks like theres a crack in the sheetrock on the left side above the door about 6 to 8" to the right. Is it cracked or a flaw in the eyes arent what they use to be.....
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      Re: Sag in door

      I live down the road from you, and my house probably sits on the same clay that yours does. Is this better now that we've had some more rain?

      If your house is anything like mine, the low moisture this summer caused shrinkage and the house has shifted. We use soaker hoses around the foundation during the summer and it helps with this. I have them on a timer and run them a little each day during the 2 months of 100* and no rain. You also need to look at the drainage around the house and make sure it drains so that the moisture levels stay as constant as possible.

      If that doesn't help, then I'd call a structural engineer.