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rotten window sill

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  • rotten window sill

    Two of my window sills are rotten and should I replace them or used wood hardener & wood filler to fix them?
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    Re: rotten window sill

    From what I can see, that window sill looks pretty rough. When they're just starting to dry rot, you can often repair with wood hardener and Bondo. That one looks pretty extensive though. If it were me, pull it out, cut a new one on a table saw, prime all 6 sides and then re-attach with trim screws. Fill trim screw holes with Bondo and sand smooth. You'll never see where the screw heads are. Problem with these windows and brick molds is the manufacturer never back primes them. So water gets behind and they rot from the inside out. By the time you see it and can get a handle on it, they're rotted beyond repair. The brick mold is probably rotten down at the bottom where it meets the sill. I like to get Doug F. 2x4s to use to rebuild sills because they're so doggone hard and stand up well. They're about the hardest of the soft woods. Good luck and let us know how you make out.
    Jim Don