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  • big issue, please help

    I bought this house last July and i knew there might be some issues in the portion of the deck. Today I opened it and all I found suprised me. It is worse than I expected. please see those photos followed. the wood above the concrete foundation was rotten. any ideas how to fix it? from inside or outside? I will permanently move the deck away from the wall otherwise it will happen again. thanks
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    Re: big issue, please help

    more photos
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      Re: big issue, please help

      .What caused the deterioration - moisture, termites, carpenter ants? What do the ends of the floor joists, box sill if there is one and studs look like. Any rot there? This is not a complex repair job. Just jack up the house one section at a time, rip the old wood out and slide in a new sill plate. If the studs are rotted cut the rot off, replace the length cut off and sister new wood next to the old studs. You do not have to jack the entire lenth of the house up all at one time and replace the entire sill all at once. If there are windows above your work area you should try to place your jacks so that one jack is on each side of the window. This will help prevent cracking the glass. If, for about a million reasons, the new sill won't fit beneath a dangling stud use a circular saw and remove a little of the wood on the sill where the offending stud is and slide the sill in. If you need to replace a floor joist; with the wall jacked up slide the new joist in on an angle with the bottom next to the old joist. Get it where you want it and give it a good hit with a sledge hammer. It will pop right in next to the old joist.

      I would suggest you acquire a building jack or a rail jack to raise the house, I don't trust hydraulic jacks for this type work. Go easy with the hammering because with studs dangling the sheetrock can pop away from the studs when they wiggle.

      I have done a few of these and it is no big deal. The rotted wood makes it look worse than it actually is. Once you are started the job will go pretty fast. You will be fine.

      I don't see any structural reason to permanently remove the deck after the repair. It won't necessarily happen again if you keep the moisture away from the wood. Generally I am not in favor of gutters. Home owners put them up way more than is necessary as far as I am concerned, but the area above your deck might be an exception.

      I had been telling my wife for 20 years that the same thing was going to happen to our house but she liked it the way it was. "OK, keep your plants next to the house and keep the topsoil high enough so the moisture never leaves the sill and we will see what happens." Last fall she hired a contractor to jack up the house and replace the sills. I refused to do it and refused to pay for any part because, "I told you so."

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